about us

Mosstika Urban Greenery is a NYC based collective of eco-minded street artists, using gorilla tactics to evoke the call of man back to nature. We believe that if everyone had a garden of their own to cultivate, we would have a much more balanced relation to our territories. It is with this notion in mind, that we at Mosstika, aim to collide the worlds of art and nature, creating havens of unexpected greenery, within the colder harsher environment. Together we aim to give green guerrilla tactics a new twist by creating works meant to be touched, in turn aiming to touch the souls of all that pass by. We strive to call back to mind a more playful existence, returning man to nature, even among the barren patches of urban existence.

edina tokodi

In her art, eco-minded, NY-based installation artist EDINA TOKODI, explores the diversity and intricate connections between nature and the inorganic world created by man. Her site-specific installations are inspired by Japanese Zen gardens and informed by the space's environs, whether organic or man-made. Often sheathed in steel, glass, pavement and stone, the installations provide an unavoidable contrast to their surroundings. It is within this contrasting atmosphere, that her installations invite interaction, thus reclaiming the human bond with nature.

Edina is the founder of Mossitka, a collective of eco-minded street artists dedicated to green guerilla tactics and inspired public art. Mossitka's installations, animated and playfully, call to mind a more familiar, environmentally friendly state breaking down cold urban norms. 

Tokodi who studied graphic design and printmaking at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts has had her works featured in both private and public space world-wide, including: Brick Lane Gallery, London; Lana Santorelli Gallery, New York; SEPTA public transit, Philadelphia; Billboard and public sculpture exhibition, Budapest, and a solo exhibition at The Gallery at (Le) Poisson Rouge.

józsef vályi-tóth